Posted by: Sean Kinzer - product

Introducing Branch & Tag Specific Scanning

Scanning a specific branch or tag in your projects just got a whole lot easier. If you use feature branches, development branches, release tags, or even use branches to separate different projects in the same repository, you can now specify any existing branch or tag for your SourceClear scans.

Posted by: Darius Foo & Paul Ambrosini - product

Vulnerable Method detection now available for Python projects

SourceClear now supports Vulnerable Method detection for both Java and Python projects. In addition to notifying you of the vulnerable libraries you’re using, we will now let you know exactly where you are using the vulnerable code. Of course, if it turns out you’re not actually vulnerable, we’ll let you know that too. More signal, less noise.

Posted by: Hendy Chua - src:clr

Hendy Chua has joined SourceClear

Hi everyone! I’m Hendy and I’ll be a Software Engineer (Agent) based in Singapore. I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Computer Science in 2014.